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Divide and Conquer Music reviews Turn of the Tide (Album)

Divide and Conquer is a collaboration of music enthusiasts who want to share their thoughts about the music that is being released in our world. We give honest opinions and guided descriptions to enable our readers to determine what they may want to listen to next as well as providing the artists with an insight as to what a seasoned music geek really thinks about their music.

Jay Freeman from Divide and Conquer wrote,

Brace for Echo” has got the sensibilities of a Rush song from their later songs – perhaps it was Alan Dennis’s phenomenal drumming talent. But other Canadian band comparisons aside, the band’s lyrics suggest an impending doom or “echo” that the world needs to prepare for, but world leaders ignore. Good opener.

Next up is “Dirty Water” and it definitely has that reggae-rock influence by way of The Police, but it also has the jangle guitar sounds of Peter Buck.
“Joker’s Game” sounds dirty and mean – I think it was the classic sounding guitar riffs and solos that made me think of Keith Richards.

What's different here is the comprehensive analysis by Jay. We loved every bit of it! Here's the detailed link to the article, check it out: Divide and Conquer reviews Turn of the Tide.

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